Syrian Gov’t, Militants Agree on Full Ceasefire in Quneitra - Source

A full ceasefire agreement between the government and militants has been reached in the province of Quneitra, the government forces will return to their positions designated in 1974 agreement, a source from the security forces told Sputnik Thursday.

“An agreement on full ceasefire everywhere in Quneitra and full return of the Syrian Armed Forces to their positions per 1974 agreement has been reached [with militants],” a source said.

According to media reports, some of the remaining militants will be allowed to go to the north of the country, while others can remain in Quneitra and go through the rehabilitation process.

In May 1974, Israel and Syria signed a disengagement agreement after the military conflict fought mainly in Sinai and the Golan. Under the agreement, Quneitra returned under the Syrian government’s control. In 2011, civil unrest began in Syria, leading to an armed conflict with militants gaining control of several territories.

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