Ronaldo Seeks to Cut All Ties With Spain After Settling Tax Fraud Case


The Portugal star, who recently signed with the Italian champion Juventus, is allegedly seeking to end his ties with Spain, just a month after he accepted a massive fine and a suspended prison sentence to settle a tax evasion case.

According to Portuguese tabloid Correio da Manhã, which went for a loud headline, “Ronaldo Sells Everything in Spain,” the star striker wants to sell his Spanish property amid tensions with local tax authorities.

Ronaldo made a similar move as he was leaving Manchester United for Real Madrid in 2009. Back then, he had sold his Manchester mansion for around 20 million euro.

Apart from his real estate property, which has an area of more than 4,000 square meters, Ronaldo owns a fleet of 22 cars, which will reportedly be moved to his homes in Portugal.

Cristiano’s complete breakup with Spain, however, would prompt him to stop the construction of his CR7 hotel in the center of Madrid. Another thing that is still unclear is what he’s planning to do with his partner Georgina Rodríguez and his kids, who are living in Spain.

Last week, Juventus announced that Ronaldo would move to Serie A on a 100 million euro deal. The Portuguese football ace had spent nine years on Real Madrid; he bagged nine titles with the Spanish giant, including four Champions League trophies and two La Liga victories.

On June 15, Ronaldo reached a deal with Spanish tax authorities, admitting to four charges of tax fraud and agreeing to a 18.8 million euro fine and a suspended two-year jail term.

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