Pakistan to get CM-302 Super-Sonic Cruise Missiles.

Pakistan to get CM-302 Super-Sonic Cruise Missiles for its newly acquired Type-054 Frigates. According to sources, the CM-302 Cruise Weapon System is capable of flying at 3 times the speed of sound is supposed to be the primary weapon on board 4 new-generation Type-054 frigates which Beijing is building for Pakistan Navy.

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CM-302 has a range of 280km and carries a 250kg warhead. The weapon can sink large surface combatants such as destroyers and aircraft carriers. Manufacturer claims that a single missile can disable a 5000 Ton warship. It can also be used in a land-attack role.

It can be guided by BeiDou satellite navigation system which can be updated by datalink with an active radar seeker for terminal homing. It is capable of traveling at a mid-course speed between Mach 1.5 and 2 while accelerating to Mach 3 or higher during the terminal flight phase.

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