Motorsports Emerging in Pakistan

Fast, Furious & LEGAL..!

Racing, as a sport, might have been rarer than ice hockey in Pakistan but a few Pakistani petrol-heads have taken it upon themselves to change that. They have given professional-racing birth in the hot, sandy, unforgiving barren lands and deserts of Pakistan. Men like Mr Mir Nadir Magsi who has a political background and is basically the pioneer of rally racing in Pakistan and the young gun Mr Sahibzada Mohammad Ali Sultan have changed the narrative for the word ‘racing’.

To this day, the ‘un-initiated’ population of Pakistan perceive racing as the amateur street racing. When they hear racing they get an image of cd 70s and front wheel drive family cars revving the life out of their 30-100hp engines on the streets endangering crowds when they leave the cinema after watching Fast & Furious.

Ripping their half working handbrakes at high speeds to get 90 or 180 degree turns and calling it ‘drifting’. It’s laughable at best but not impressive. Just because they don’t understand a simple fact of life, which is that you cannot drift a front wheel drive car or that burnouts on front wheel drive cars are boring unless it’s a high horsepower civic with slicks on and chopping 10 second cars on a drag strip or at least has a limited slip differential so that they spin both tires.

Here is what you look like trying to look cool with an open diff family corolla…

Can’t stop putting memes in my article…

Real racing is done on the track. It is professional, it is governed by rules and has the proper infrastructure to conduct a real race. It is safe because you are not risking pedestrian lives and families on the road who have mostly no idea you are trying to race them with your ‘boss’.

Next time you meet someone who does not know any better…

Okay, I’ll stop with the memes…
There have been commendable efforts from Mr.Nadir Magsi and his group to invite proper media coverage, both private and national media so that the sport can become mainstream and they are trying to bring all rally events under one umbrella.

To participate, drivers need a team which includes a mechanic, electrician, other technicians, co-driver and of course a car. Depending on the category you participate in, the costs rise because make no mistake, this is a costly sport. The top categories can easily reach a hefty 10 million rupees for one team. Unless you can bring sponsors onboard which help reduce costs significantly.

Thankfully, Mr Nadir Magsi has got the ball rolling on REAL racing and I don’t know much about his political career but Sir, if I lived in Sindh, you would have my vote. He said in an interview on express news that racing pretty much runs in his blood and I for one was convinced absolutely. He was the one who brought Mr Sultan into the sport, he inspired him towards motorsports and mentored him into the great driver that he is today. Mr Sultan has recently participated in an international event in Dubai where he retired sadly due to a gearbox failure in the 43rd kilometre of the event.

Rally sport in Pakistan is in the form of multiple races conducted throughout the country in a season. Rallies like the Jhal Magsi Rally, Safaranga Desert Rally, Cholistan Desert Rally, Rally Gawadar are among the top. Classification is in two main sections each having four categories A, B, C & D to allow a wide range of drivers participating in the race. It is a race against time, the team that makes it to the end in the least amount of time wins. As of now, hundreds of drivers are participating in the race including female drivers.

Huge respect to the drivers for their inhumane skills going as fast as they go in the sands, rocks and challenging bumpy terrains that leave all four wheels up off the ground and slam back in into the sand nose diving if unlucky. Huge respect for the co-drivers and their courage putting their trust in someone else not to get them killed, trusting another person with your life is not at all an easy thing to do and they do it while screaming notes at the driver guiding them through the track from start to finish and still keeping their cool.

The Jhal Magsi event features the most difficult and technical track with four different terrains attracted more than a hundred teams and a huge crowd in the year 2017 this year in 2018 the event was even bigger. Above all, MUCH respect to the private media for the coverage of such events with EPIC action shots and beautifully compiled videos. Private media like The Rally Federation, Team Asia and HorsePower have made it possible to attract such attention towards a non-existent sport in our country.

Just look at the amount of stress put on the front right tire here… Mr.Zain Mahmood in action!

Mr.Nadir Magsi on three wheels in his FJ Cruiser…

If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough…! Making a statement!


Dust wave parcel coming up…

Nicely taken…

What it means to be a racer. What it must feel sitting in the cockpit before lights out, what it must feel putting on those gloves while strapped in your seat with your helmet on. Right before go time, the anticipation, the wait, the rush, cue the heartbeat, time slows down, everything quiets, your life as you know it you forget for that brief moment in time…and then….GO…!

The sport is gaining momentum and we hope to see some efforts from the government to encourage this new sport so that people keep to the tracks for the thrill of speed and not endanger lives out on the roads.
So kids, stay off the streets, stay in school, work your ass off and someday you’ll be able to play with the big boys and prove your mettle on the track.

Here are a couple of videos of Gawadar Rally event 2018 and Thal event, very nicely compiled, props to the makers…

ENJOY and many credits to the producers of the films…

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