Israeli Military “Expresses Sorrow” For Death Of Russian IL-20 Aircrew Members, Says Syria, Iran, Hezbollah Are Guilty

A few moments ago, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) finally released an official comment on the incident with a Russian IL-20 plane off Syrian coast.

The statement came after Russian Defense Ministery Sergei Shoigu stated that Israel bears full responsibility for the downning of IL-20 because its actions had led to this situation. Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Israeli warplanes used the IL-20 to hide from Syrian air defense fire during the September 17 Israeli strike on targets in the war-torn country.

So, the IDF expressed sorrow “for the death of the aircrew members of the Russian plane” and claimed that Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are the sides responsible for the incident.

Furthermore, the IDF contested the version of the events provided by the Russian Defense Ministry. According to the IDF, Israeli warplanes were “within Israeli airspace” when Syrian forces launched anti-aircraft missiles.

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